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iCo-op™ AMLS (or also known as iCo-op AML solution in the banking industry) provides a monitoring, detection, investigation and reporting solution that automates the reporting of Covered Transaction Report (“CTR”) and Suspicious Transaction Report (“STR”) as required by the strict regulations of governments. It is powered by Business Rule Management System and Rule Engine which allows bank to carry out batch surveillance of their daily transaction data to monitor and detect suspicious money laundering activities.


Anti Money Laundering System

1)    Key Features:

  • Automatic Monitoring and Detection
    • Automatically screens bank’s daily transactions
    • Automatically provides reasons for suspecting money laundering activities
    • Provides surveillance of OFAC list, politically exposed people, blacklisted people and companies, high risk industries and etc
    • Provides risk scores and ranks suspected money laundering activities
    • Provides transaction flow charts of suspected money laundering activities
  • Business Rule Management System and Rule Engine
  • Case Management/Workflow System
    • Prioritizes suspected money laundering cases for investigation
    • Allows manual inclusion of suspected money laundering activities for investigation
    • Provides workflow to manage investigation of suspected money laundering cases systematically and efficiently
    • Provides assignment of cases to officer most suited to handle the case efficiently
    • Allows entry of comments , notes and recommendations in free form text
    • Allows attachment of documents to cases§ Provides tracking of cases (e.g. start and completion of each case)
    • Provides audit trail for traceability
  • Covered Transaction Report (CTR) and Suspicious Transaction Report (STR)
    • Automatically generates CTR and STR reports
      • Insertion of known fields in reports
      • Insertion of reasons why account is suspected of money laundering activities
      • Formats: text, csv, word, excel, pdf, etc
  • Statistical Analysis and KYC Profiling
    • Statistical analysis and KYC profiling are supported by iCo-op AMLS using historical transactions and customer data.
    • Able to extract and aggregate transaction information from bank data sources
    • Provides tables and charts of transactions for statistical analysis and KYC profiling
    • Charts provided: pie, bar, line, area, bubble, polar, financial, scatter and so on
    • Types of transaction information provided: list of transactions; transaction types; transaction history; and cash flow

  • Intelligent Fuzzy Search
    • Using intelligent fuzzy logic search, iCo-op AMLS is capable of identifying account links, e.g. accounts with sound-alike names, etc.
    • Uses fuzzy logic for search and filtering
    • Search features include search by:
      • Sequence: strict, partial, starting with, "or", "full", "exact"
      • Tolerance: typo, sound alike, fuzzy sound alike
      • Others: initial, composition, adjacent, name split
  • Fund Flow Diagram
  • Analysis Charts and Reports
  • Scalability
    • Proven solution for bank with 800 branches, 7 million accounts, and 4 million transactions per day


    iCo-op AMLS (or AML) is powered by ILOG Business Rule Management System and Rule Engine which allows the bank to carry out surveillance of the bank’s extracted transaction data on a daily basis to monitor and detect money laundering activities. It has a case management system that supports an efficient and systematic investigation of flagged suspicious transactions with audit trail of users to ensure traceability. It provides the required transaction data and historical information for drill-down investigations, statistical analysis, profiling and reporting.


  • Server Requirements:
    • J2EE Platform
    • OS: Windows 2003 Server, Sun Solaris or IBM AIX
    • App Server: BEA WebLogic or IBM WebSphere
    • Database: MS SQL, Oracle or IBM DB2
  • Workstation Requirements:
    • Browser: IE5.5 or higher